Basic calendar structure

Just wanted to provide a basic sense of how Ruben is structuring his preseason with the Fino Kaposvar team.

Generally, there's a 3-part structure to training days: Lifting - Ball-handling Practice - Full Practice

In a separate post I'll provide the workout plan their strength coach has them on for the first month. Basically, it's a 5-day/week program with about an hour of work each time.

The Ball-handling practice focuses on serve receive. At this point all the players attend these sessions. The middles and opposites mostly just serve. These are meant to be about 90 minutes total. This include the warm-up/prehab, which can take a while (I will provide examples).

Full practices are expected to be about 2.5 hours, again including warm-up/prehab.

Lifting is normally scheduled with one of the other sessions, before or after.

Now, having laid out all the above, I should note that Ruben doesn't do everything every day. Sometimes there is only lifting and full practice, for example. One day, to give the guys a longer rest, there was only a full practice. Of course, there are also full days off. And there are considerations factored in such as a public holiday, European Championships happening in Budapest, and things like that.

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