The full trip schedule

Here's my schedule for the trip.

August 4th: Red-eye to London

August 5th - 9th: In Cobham, England attending the Elite Camp put on by Volleyball Development Camps. I basically went straight from Heathrow to the camp, which was interesting.

August 9th - to 30th: In Hungary. I hung out with my friend Ruben Wolochin at FINO Kaposvar. That's a men's team in the Hungarian pro league. This is Ruben's first season there after several coaching in the top league in Germany. I also got to see a bit of the Kaposvar women's team (different club, same facility) in their training.

August 31 - September 1: In Kettering, England attending the England youth and junior national team training camps.

September 2 - 6: In Italy to visit Conegliano to see what they're doing on the youth development side, and possibly with the pro team.

September 7: In Loughborough, England at the Volleyball England coaching conference, where I'd been asked to present a 3-hour workshop on middle offense.

September 8 - 17: In Spain. First in Madrid to check in on the Spanish men's national team preparations for European Championships, and then to spend time at the Alcobendas club, which is one of the stronger juniors clubs for girls. On the 13th, I shifted to Barcelona to visit CV Barcelona (which is affiliated with FC Barcelona), and see the regional youth training center there.

September 17-21: In Switzerland. The 17th to 18th I visited with the Näfels club, which is one of the best established in the country. The 19th to 20th I visited Volleya Obwalden.

September 22: In Holland. I attended training for the BeBetter Volleybalschool program in Tilburg.

September 23-24: In Germany. I visited the national youth volleyball academy (VCO) in Berlin.

September 25-30: In England (again!). I spent a couple days with the University of Essex volleyball program, and also visited with the folks at IBB Polonia, who will play in the CEV Champions League this season.

October 1st: Flew back to the US.

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