Coaches Clinic at Medaille College

Live 1-day clinic for coaches hosted by John Forman

NOTE: If you want to attend this event in-person at Medaille College, click here for that registration. Registration via this platform is strictly for the event recordings posted after it's completion.

On August 22nd, Medaille College Head Coach John Forman is hosting a 1-day live coaches clinic as a program fundraiser. The planned schedule is the following:

9:00 Introduction for the clinic overall and the first sessions specifically
10:00-12:00 Court session with Medaille team
12:00-1:30 Lunch
1:30-3:30 Additional sessions (on-court or classroom type setting)
3:30-4:00 Break
4:00-6:00 Court session with Medaille team
6:00-6:30 Wrap up

For the two court sessions with the Medaille team you will see the squad going through actual practice sessions as the 2nd day of their preseason. Before each session Coach Forman will share the plan, objectives, etc. During the session he will talk about the drills and games being used.

Planned topics of coverage:

  • Developing your team play concept while working on other things
  • Getting your middle hitter as involved as possible in the offense
  • Training with a smaller squad and/or with players of varying ability
  • Developing your offensive and defensive systems
  • Other topics of interest from the attendee group

Everything will be recorded and posted here on this platform for permanent availability after the clinic. That includes the practice plans for both sessions.

REMEMBER: If you want to attend this event in-person at Medaille College, click here for that registration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this clinic for?
While the expectation is that with respect to in-person attendees it will mainly attract high school coaches getting ready for their upcoming season (or in the early stages of it), the content will be equally applicable to a broad array of coaches.
Are there any advance materials?
Because the gym sessions featuring the Medaille team will be part of their Day #2 of pre-season training, an element of flexibility is required going in so the practices can be geared toward priorities developed after Day #1, we cannot provide the specific practice plans in advance. Some recommended reading material will be posted on this platform in advance, however, and attendees will be given the practice plan at the start of the clinic.
Is this an in-person clinic, or virtual?
The clinic is in-person. The content will be fully recorded and uploaded for all attendees here on this platform.

About John Forman
John has coached in all three NCAA divisions, and has been both a coach and club director at the Juniors level. He also coached at the university and National League levels in England, as well as professionally in Sweden. As a visiting coach, he's spent time in professional and national team gyms in places like Spain, Germany, Poland, Hungary, and Switzerland. John authors the highly respected Coaching Volleyball blog at, holds the CAP III certification from USA Volleyball and is a Level 3 coach for Volleyball England. He's entering his second year at Medaille.

About Medaille College
Medaille is an NCAA Division III school in Buffalo, NY. It fields both men's and women's volleyball teams as part of the Allegheny Mountain Collegiate Conference (AMCC). John coaches both teams.

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